In the Settings page you will be able to edit information pertaining to your profile.

Profile Information #

Username #

You can update your publicly displayed username.

Email #

You can update/set your email using the email field. If you have email notifications checked in the “Email Notifications” section, then the notifications will be sent to this email.

Description #

You can add a short biography or profile description here.

Email Notifications #

These are the list of notifications you are able to get:

  • All Activity – You will get notifications sent to you for all activities including new stops – legs, loads, messages and other updates.
  • New Stops – Legs – You will get notifications each time a new task is created.
  • Stops – Legs Assigned – You will get notified when you are assigned to a task.
  • Weekly Updates – Each week you will get notified on activity updates.

Themes #

See Themes

In this section you will be able to update the logo displayed on your page by clicking on the “Change Logo” button and selecting or uploading your image.

Changing Passwords #

To change or reset your password, click on the “Update Password” button. This will display a popup where you are able to change your password.

Saving Your Settings #

Make sure to save your settings by clicking on the “Save” button.