Customer Relationship Management System: CRM 

Invest in the people who matter to your business and your business will deliver.

TMS Dash’s CRM allows you to manage all of your contacts and their important details in a centralized location, send automatic emails and reminders, develop targeted marketing emails and build community with an in-house social media platform. Everything you need to foster valuable relationships with the people who will take your business to the next level. 

All of your contacts in a centralized location

Manage contacts in one place and foster a more personalized experience with employees and customers.

You know you wouldn’t have a business without your customers or employees, so you need a good system in place to manage and grow these relationships.

Right now, your organizational system probably consists of a drawer full of business cards that you dig through each time you need to contact someone. You probably have some of your employee and customer contacts in your phone but you can’t always remember all of the details you should know about them.  It would be really nice if there was one place you could enter all of your customer and employee contact information, the important information as it relates to business and some of their personal information, so when you interact with them, they feel like the relationship you have with them matters.

TMS Dash provides a centralized location to store all of your customer and employee contact information, including specific details about them personally and as it relates to business. Not only can you find their information quickly and easily, but before your customer/employee interactions, you can review their information.  This will help to better serve them and foster these relationships.    

Reduce micro-management & create email marketing campaigns

Set up email reminders and segment your contact list to send email marketing campaigns to specific customer groups.

With TMS Dash’s CRM, you can set up periodic automated emails, checking in with customers and clients about how they’re doing and how your company can better serve them.

If you’re sick of micromanaging every task that needs to be completed, like DOT physicals and paperwork, TMS Dash’s CRM can be set up to send automatic email reminders to customer and employees do the reminding for you.

The CRM also allows you to organize and segment your contact list, so you can send out targeted email campaigns to market your business and grow your customer base.

Private social media platform

Build your own private community with employees and customers.

TMS Dash’s CRM includes an in-house social media platform, so you can build your own private community. This is great for engaging employees and customers who aren’t on traditional social media as well as for keeping your interactions private, within your company, rather than out there for the whole world to see. 

This is a valuable tool for team building, encouraging employees to work together and to facilitate social interaction. 

The best ideas come out when great minds come together and an in-house social media platform can encourage just that. 

Complete List of CRM Features

Complete Email Campaign Management for Shippers, Brokers and Carriers!

Shippers, Brokers and Carriers Email Customer Relationship Management System integrated in a beautifully designed TMS System!


Segmentation helps you discover the right people!

Send the right message to the right people!

Everyone knows what to do with your emails

Private Social Media Platform

A valuable tool for team building.

Engage employees and customers who aren’t on social media.

Keep interactions private.


Automatic Email Sequences

Don’t waste your time creating email funnels every time you have a new contact. With TMSDASH’s automatic email sequences, you’ll have a universal contact on-boarding option at your disposal. Never miss out on a contact conversion with the onboarding email sequence!

Email Marketing Automation

Capture leads, track customers, and set up personalized follow-up emails, all in one place. Turn your visitors into customers and customers into loyal brand advocates with powerful email marketing automation!

CRM Reports and Analytics

CRM reports and analytics are crucial to implementing an effective marketing campaign. TmsDASH presents neat analytics of your every campaign, funnels, sequences, and user activities. After all, data complements the best marketing campaigns most!

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